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Discover the ultra-fast way to fill any shift.

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How can HYR help your company? It's simple.

Companies in three sectors use HYR to find extra staff, ultra-fast.







How does HYR work? It's fast.

You post shifts on the app, highlighting your specific need, location, rate of pay, and more. You'll then see applicants in your area and you choose a HYR Pro for that shift that best fits your needs. Payment is handled securely in the app.

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Do companies actually use HYR? Absolutely. 

We're used by some of today's top companies.

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Wanna use HYR to find extra work? Let's do this.

Create your HYR profile and apply for shifts that interest you most. After you work a shift, you’ll get paid in hours, not weeks. Also, collect UPoints with every shift and used them for paid days off. It’s our way of saying thanks!

Find Extra Work


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  • How is HYR pronounced?
    Hire. Higher. HYR.
  • What skills can I post for on HYR?
    Restaurants: Line Cook, Dishwasher, Food Runner, Busser, and more. Events: Bartender, Server, Host/Hostess, Washroom Clerk, and more. Retail: Cashier, Merchandiser, Order Selector, Sales Associate, and more.
  • How do I know if a HYR Pro is qualified for my shift?
    You’ll see the applicants’ ratings, skill level, work history, and more, and then you can choose the right HYR Pro to fit your needs. And sometimes you’ll see great applicants that are new to HYR, meaning they won’t yet have ratings. So, what do you do? Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and give them an opportunity.
  • But what about training?
    It’s never a bad idea to schedule your HYR Pro to start the shift a few minutes early so you can walk them through all they need to know. Trust us, they’ll be able to quickly pick up what you’re laying down!
  • How does HYR set the hourly rates I can post shifts at?
    You'll see a base hourly rate for every skill. These rates are in place to help attract quality HYR Pros to your shifts. Wanna stay competitive by seeing the rates that other businesses are posting shifts at? Simply click the "In My Area" tab.
  • What does the hourly rate include?
    The rates on HYR provide for an all-inclusive experience that includes time tracking, geolocation services, payroll, taxes, insurance, and more.
  • Can my company have a discount?
    Sure. Go ahead and use promo code READTHEFAQS at checkout to get 10% off your first five shifts. Just make sure you tell the world about HYR, okay?
  • How does insurance work?
    HYR insures every shifts for up to $1M for commercial general liability and employment practices coverage.
  • Which cities does HYR operate in?
    Although HYR is used in more than 30 cities across North America, our primary markets are New York City and Toronto.
  • As a HYR Pro, what’s the deal with UPoints?
    Collect 2 UPoints every shift for each $1 earned. Save them for that next big thing, or redeem 2,500 UPoints for a UDay worth $75. It’s our way of saying thanks! UPoints are available to be redeemed by active HYR Pros.
  • As a HYR Pro, when will I get paid?
    Payments are initiated by HYR to your Stripe Connect account within three business days following every shift. Once a payment is initiated by HYR, Stripe may take up to three business days to release those funds depending on the debit card or bank account that’s associated with your Stripe Connect account. Pros can check the status of payments anytime using their Stripe Connect dashboard.
  • As a HYR Pro, how do I get chosen for a shift?
    Businesses post shifts on HYR, review applicants, and then choose the HYR Pro that best fits their needs. Wanna make your profile stands out? Be sure to include a great picture and relevant work history. Businesses are encouraged to choose a HYR Pro in 15 minutes, so if you're no longer available for a shift that you applied to, simply remove your application.
  • As a HYR Pro, can I cancel on a shift after I've been hired?
    Sh*t happens. We get it. But cancelling on shifts is strongly discouraged. If you cancel on a shift after you've been hired, you'll be temporarily blocked from applying to future shifts. And any HYR Pro that no shows for a shift they've been hired for will be permanently blocked from the platform. You can find HYR's cancellation policy here.
  • How do I contact HYR?
    For trust and transparency, HYR has transitioned to fully digital communications. You can text us for a more immediate response, or we respond to emails in 24 hours. In the 🇱🇷 text 646-455-3928. In 🇨🇦 text 647-560-8905. 📧
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Got questions? We've got answers.

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