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HYR has partnered with Stripe to offer fast payment directly to your bank account.

Pros can check the status of payments anytime using their Stripe Connect dashboard. Here is a link to log in to your Stripe Connect dashboard. 

Payments are initiated by HYR to a Pro’s Stripe Connect account within three business days following every shift (i.e. Monday - Friday, excluding holidays). Payments are typically initiated at or around 8:00 pm EST. Once a payment is initiated by HYR, Stripe may take up to three business days to release those funds depending on the financial institution that is associated with your Stripe Connect account.

For a new Stripe Connect account, Stripe may have a waiting period of up to seven days to release the funds for your first HYR payment.


For Stripe to release your funds, you must set up your Stripe Connect account with a debit card that is associated with a bank account. HYR does not use Stripe for payments to a credit card. Please also ensure you have automatic payments set up with your Stripe Connect account.

If you are having issues transferring funds initiated by HYR from your Stripe Connect account to your bank account, please click here to contact Stripe.


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